Golden rules are the ones that really apply. You like to have them in mind and do not forget them. Like stars to steer by, these are permanent markers to guide us and keep our relationships moving in the correct direction. Whatever task you undertake, whatever goal you aspire to, there will be Rules to show you how, you simply have to find them.

Listed here are the 5 Rules to a Romantic Relationship.

Rule # 1,   Don’t move in too soon. Most couples who move in too early within the relationship eventually go through a break up. Remember, you should always take the time to get to know each other.

Rule # 2, The word «Love». It will be best to say this as often as you can. Take into account that this is the only reminder that your lover would always want to hear.

Rule # 3, Argue less. There are certainly good reasons you will need to do this. Most couples who tend to fight all the time are usually in a stressful state. So keep free of stress by trying to avoid arguments

Rule # 4, Forgive the little things. May it be the loud way he or she snores or those non-stop telephone calls, tell yourself to forgive more. If it gets in the way or becomes too much to handle, have a little talk regarding the things which upset you instead of going full throttle on your partner.

Rule # 5, Give more in more ways than you can count. A healthy relationship is a giving relationship. You and your lover should learn to give more without hoping for something in return.

Carefully follow these golden rules to a romantic relationship and you should find your progress to be quite rapid along with your successes greater, more frequent and much more satisfying.